It’s that time of year again, Creamfields is back and this year we’re celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with another incredible line-up. Since it began in 1998 as a one day event in Winchester, it’s moved to Speke in Liverpool and then to Daresbury near Runcorn expanding to a 4 day event. Attracting crowds of up to 65,000 and incredible DJs like The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk and Sacha, Creamfields has become the go-to festival in the UK.

Last summer I got the chance to work backstage interviewing some of the headline acts. The backstage area is full of tipis, bars and dressing rooms with some of the biggest DJs in world draped across the sofas. It was a bit of a surreal experience, at one point we had Annie Mac and her TV crew running through the backstage area capturing every moment for her new documentary, then we had Tiesto and his team doing shots (we’ll get to that in a bit).




Capital FM Team


Above the Capital FM Liverpool team working backstage at Creamfields. Anton Powers (standing next to me in the picture) even had to stand-in for Martin Garrix on the Main Stage……as you do!


IMG_1732I interviewed Disciples, MK, Galantis and Oliver Heldens who I found out loves disco music which I was absolutely buzzing about because I LOVE disco music too. He was really good fun to interview!

 Check out the interview here




My favourite interview of the day was with Fatboy Slim, who is the most down to earth DJ I’ve ever met. The legendary DJ told me how he felt at home at Creamfields as he’s played  so many times and what his warm up ritual was before he went on stage.

Check out the interview here




Just before his set I was told I was going to interview Tiesto but warned we couldn’t film it. Obviously I was pretty annoyed as he is one of THE biggest DJs in the world, however it went really well and ended up with me and my producer being asked back to his dressing room to do some shots! The most bizarre end to an interview EVER, and they let us film that bit!

Shots with Tiesto – Check out the snapchat here



After the interviews we went into the festival pretty giddy from Tiesto’s shots and watched Calvin Harris and Fatboy Slim, the perfect way to end a day at Creamfields.

Creamfields 2017 kicks off tomorrow!!!

Hideout Festival



Last week I got back from an epic week of partying in Croatia. Some say it’s the new Ibiza and I definitely agree. From someone who used to do seasons in Ibiza I can vouch that Croatia is on it’s way to becoming the new go-to party place in Europe. So what is there to do in Croatia? Festivals! And lots of them. I went to Hideout Festival after hearing about it from friends who had partied and worked there, it’s become the go-to festival in Croatia and it seems that everyone who’s anyone knows about it.




When Hideout Festival kicked off back in 2011 it landed on The Guardians list of best European Festivals and has sold out ever since. It’s smaller than most known UK festivals – so how is it so insanely famous?

Firstly the festival is perfect for clubbers who want a holiday that guarantees sun and that has a solid DJ line-up. Every year Hideout creates bigger and bolder line-ups with acts like Major Laser and Stormzy headlining in 2017.

Secondly the festival isn’t too expensive. The thing that has put me off going back to Ibiza for the past few years is the cost. You can easily spend a £1000 in a week and that’s without your flights or hotels. Croatia is relatively cheap to get to with return flights from London ranging from £150 – £200 if booked in advance. You can pay around £100 for a weeks accommodation and you can pay between £15 – £20 (200 Kunas) for a meal with alcohol. Standard festival tickets for Hideout are £139 and that gets you into 5 venues across 5 days to see more than 150 artists, absolute bargain!

The festival is located in Novalja on the island of Pag and is an ideal size with 5 stages spread across the site. Everything is located close together so you never feel like you have to walk too far. The festival is right on the beach so there are beach and pool parties right next door to each other, all day every day for 5 days!


IMG_1147 (1)

Absolute Team


So which DJs did I see?

The first DJ I watched that always delivers is Jasper James. He played on the Kalypso stage – Elrow and I spent most of the time shazaming his tunes as every tune he played was a banger, always house and disco. Eats Everything played on the Papaya stage (Radio 1) and again I spent most of my time dancing like a lunatic and insta-storying his tunes. The afterparty on the last day on the Kalypso stage – Elrow was off the charts and went on until around 9am. Skream and Artwork DJ’d back to back and played everything from house bangers to Angie Stone, needless to say my head was sore the next day.



 Skream & Artwork


So is it true that everyone’s ripped and look like models? Well……yes! Most people have been smashing the gym since the last Hideout and girls are rocking a thong 24/7 but don’t let that put you off!


Top tips for surviving Hideout

Always carry cash as most bars don’t take card.

Head down to Euphoria stage for cheap drinks, for some reason they are cheaper there….I don’t know why.

Try and stay close to the site otherwise you might find yourself spending loads on taxis.

On the last day (Friday) hang back for the afterparty, this year it was at the Kalypso stage with Elrow and went on until around 9am!

If you get time after the festival then head to Krka National Park which has incredible waterfalls you can swim in. It takes around 1 hr 40 mins to get there but it’s totally worth it.

Get your tickets booked for 2018!



Laser Eye Surgery – Optical Express



So you fancy getting your eyes lasered? I decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago and the results have been incredible, here’s my story.

For the past 12 years I have worn glasses for short-sightedness. I remember the day I realised I needed them, sitting at the back of the Math’s class aged 15 squinting like an old woman. Ever since then I have needed them and over the past 5 years noticed I’ve needed to use them more often for watching TV and driving. I’m not a massive contact lens fan as they are a pain to put in and they irritate my eyes. I also tend to use them at festivals or for nights out and when alcohol is involved it’s never an easy job remembering to take them out.

Eye laser surgery is something I’ve been thinking about for the past few years but I put it off until now as life seemed to get in the way, whether it’s saving for a house or a girlie holiday. I chose Optical Express as the service they offered and the feedback I’d heard from previous patients gave me confidence in the company. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful which put me at ease when visiting the store.


First steps to better vision

The first step to better vision is a meeting with an optician for an eye test. The optician performs a general eye test and then uses eye drops (Tropicamide) to expand your pupils to get a true prescription of your eyes. After the consultation my eyes felt slightly sensitive to light but only because my pupils were dilated. This lasted for around 8 hours and then my pupils went back to normal. After this consultation I was told my eyes were suitable for the eye laser surgery and that I could opt for the Lasik surgery. Lasik is a really quick treatment which lasers your eyes within a few minutes. The La(sik) bit means quick, as the recovery time is one day. This was perfect as I didn’t want to take too much time off work.

The next step is to meet with your surgeon to discuss the operation and to go through anything you may have concerns about. Mr Vincent Dubois in the Liverpool branch was very helpful and put me at ease. I didn’t feel too nervous about the surgery, I just wanted to ask questions about the pain I would feel (if any) during the surgery and how much I would feel after surgery. Mr Dubois told me I would be awake for the surgery and that they would use eye drops to numb the eyes so I wouldn’t feel the laser. I had to make sure I read through all the documents provided and to be sure this was the surgery for me. He told me that after surgery I would need to wear sunglasses for the day and go home to rest/sleep. I also could not drive after the surgery or go to work for one day.


The day of the surgery

The optician checked over my eyes again just to make sure everything was looking fine, then they took me into the theatre for surgery. The surgery took around 10 to 15 minutes and started by cleaning around my eyes. The eye was then held open by a machine that used suction to attach to my eye. . The feeling was a bit strange and made my vision go black (this is supposed to happen) they then cut a flap in the eye (I didn’t feel any of this so there’s no need to worry) they then performed the lasik eye surgery on the right eye. They then performed the surgery on the left eye and the whole process was over in less than 15 minutes.


How I felt after surgery

When I came out of surgery I felt a bit dizzy and my vision was hazy. I was given 3 sets of eye drops and was told to use them every 4 hours. After a quick chat with one of the surgeons I put my trusty shades on and went home. I felt a bit uncomfortable when I got home but I think that was just the shock of what had just happened. I went straight to bed and put on my goggles and slept for around 3 hours. When I woke up I used my eye drops and took some painkillers and after this I felt fine. I went down stairs to watch TV and for the first time in 12 years could see the TV without needing my glasses, result!


3 weeks after surgery

My eyes have completely recovered after 2 to 3 weeks and my vision is now better than 20/20. My vision is the best it’s ever been, even before I needed glasses. As crazy as this sounds everything seems so much bolder and more colorful, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all these years. I now forget that I ever needed glasses, it’s completely changed my life. Now I can leave the house, drive into town or go to a gig without ever needing my glasses again.





Birthday weekend in Berlin

IMG_9788Berlin is one of my favourite places to visit in the world. It’s forward thinking, laid-back and full of interesting like-minded people. If you’re stuck for ideas for a long weekend away then look no further than Berlin, the perfect place to stay for my birthday.

Where to stay

This time I stepped it up a gear and stayed at the incredible Soho House. It’s a members club which has houses across the globe but even if you’re not a member you can stay there as a hotel guest. The weather forecast was predicting storms, however when we turned up it was 23 degrees so we spent the whole first day chilling around the rooftop pool and drinking bloody mary’s. These are an absolute must if you’re visiting any of the Soho House’s, the recipe is the same at every house and they are Z best!

The hotel entrance is uber cool covered in original art by Damien Hirst and the rooms are beautifully put together with art- deco furnishings. There’s no need to travel with your essentials as they provide everything and if you don’t fancy leaving the room then get room service, it’s the best I’ve ever experienced. If you fancy a lazy Sunday bedside brunch then I would highly recommend the avocados and eggs on toast accompanied by a bloody mary of course. If you want to find your Zen then visit the Cowshed Spa, we rolled out of bed and went down for a full body massage, an absolute must if you’ve been out raving all night.



Where to eat

If you’re a fan of sushi then visit Dudu, it’s just down the street from Soho House. The L shaped restaurant has a planted outdoor eating area and has a laid-back feel, it’s hands down the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. Deep fried sushi is definitely a must, even though it’s not that healthy it tastes incredible. We ordered the spinach, prawn sushi rolls and the chicken. We also visited Cecconi’s Italian restaurant in Soho House which is open to the public, the food was beautiful, breaded olives and baked gnocchi to start then the veal milanese to share for main. It sounds like I really know my food but I don’t, my boyfriend is Italian so he’s got the knowledge and I’ve got the appetite!




Where to party

I have been very lucky to experience some of Berlin’s best clubs over the years, Kater Holzig, Kater Blau, Rummelsburg, Renate and of course the famous Berghain. The club that keeps me coming back is Renate. It’s an old squat that has been turned into a club and the people who run the club also live above it. The rules are you can’t take pictures inside the club so you have to cover your camera lens with a sticker. If you want a picture you have to use the photo booths provided, which of course we did! The music was disco and vibe was amazing and we spent most the night chatting to friendly clubbers and dancing our socks off. Another club we tried to get into was Kater Blau, the queue was around 500 deep and when we got to the door the lady told me I couldn’t get in because she ‘had too many chicks with black dresses on in the club already’. The worst excuse I’ve ever heard a guestlist girl say! I didn’t argue as she was feisty AF, so we ended up going home and probably for the best as I wouldn’t have made my flight home the next morning. Some advice when going clubbing in Berlin, dress as casual as possible, don’t go in your pajamas of course, but think jeans, t-shirt and trainers the more casual the better.



There’s something really special about Berlin, it’s somewhere I will always visit time and time again. If you’ve never been then you’re missing out, go and book a flight now!



If you ever had a reason to visit Paris then it would be to soak up the atmosphere at Paris Fashion Week. Even if you can’t get a ticket to a luxury fashion show, you can get into some of the after parties and shop like an A-lister down Rue Cambon. This was my first visit to Paris and it blew me away. Paris truly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the food the parties and of course the shopping. If you’re planning a weekend getaway then Paris is the perfect choice as it’s only an hour and 20 minutes flight from Manchester airport.



 Top three things you need to know when visiting Paris:

Where to eat

Where to shop

Where to party




Weekends away should always involve brunch and the best brunch in town is served at Derrière. The vibe is relaxed, the interior is a mish mash of vintage and the food is delightful. If you can get a table that is attached to a double bed then you’re on to a winner. If you like your restaurants cosy and cute then Chez Julien will be ‘the one’. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is romantic, perfect if you’re going with a date. If you’re with the girls and fancy flossing it up then head to Kong, it appeared in a Sex & The City episode when Carrie met Aleksandr Petrovsky’s ex-wife. It has an amazing view of Pont Neuf and the Louis Vutton offices, the food was good but the prices weren’t.




chez julienPARTYING

You should visit Le Titty Twister just for it’s name. On arrival you’re greeted by a fabulous and flamboyant doorman @iliesse_west who really sets the scene before you’ve even walked through the doors. It’s a bar/club open until 6am playing everything from R&B to House music and it’s one of the places ‘to be seen’ so I’ve heard. If you’re after somewhere a bit more upmarket then head to Les Bains, I was lucky enough to get invited to a fashion after-party there. The drinks were pricey but the music was insane and the clientele was fruity, everything you would expect at Paris fashion week. If you’re still feeling fruity after Les Bains then head to the greatest cabaret show on the planet, Le Crazy Horse. If you’re not familiar with it then remember Dita Von Tease? Well she did some shows there that got her quite a bit of press. Expect the hottest women on the planet, performing sexy dance routines pretty much naked. Celebrities that have been spotted there include Rihanna, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lana Del Ray and Scarlett Johansson.






As we all know Paris is renowned for it’s shopping. It’s the home of the original Chanel and Hermes store and cult store Colette. Admittedly I didn’t do much shopping as I’d enjoyed myself a little too much in Les Baines and Titty Twister. The shops I did get to see were Hermes, Colette and of course the original Chanel store at 31 Rue Cambon. The main streets to find fabulous stores are Rue Saint Honore (Colette, Jimmy Choo & Burberry), Rue Cambon (Chanel) and Avenue George (Hermes). There are definitely more streets and stores to mention….but like I said…..the hangover got in the way!



Gingerline Presents The Chambers Of Flavour

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 23.47.10

Gingerline – The Chambers of Flavour is London’s best kept secret. If you’re a lover of art, performance, design and food, Chambers of Flavour is right up your street.

With renowned guest chefs and a host of immersive theatrical and artistic experiences in curious locations, Gingerline taps into a world we can only imagine in our qurkiest dreams.

So here’s the deal, you buy a ticket for £65 and then on the day of the event you get a text an hour before to reveal it’s location. It’s location is strictly confidential so I can’t tell you where it is, but what I can tell you is that it’s in London and on The East London Overground (that is, the Ginger Line).

I would recommend to get there early so you can enjoy the Gin cocktails and soak up the atmosphere. After your drinks a ‘doctor’ will greet you and in groups of four leads you into The Chamber of Flavour. Sadly that is all I can tell you as those are the rules, as a member of The Chambers alumni ‘You must keep all you see inside our worlds a secret’. It would be like telling you the ending of a book before you’ve even read the first page. You just have to go and experience it for yourself, it’s too good to spoil.

You can expect creative, almost mind-bending sets, whacky actors and beautiful food. Go open-minded and enjoy being taken back to your childlike imagination.

The next set of Gingerline tickets go on sale January 31st so get them quickly as they will sell out.

If you’re still not convinced then CLICK HERE

Tickets – Gingerline

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 23.56.44


Glastonbury 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.25.03


How was Glastonbury you ask? Well I lost my phone and friends and sat in someone’s sick, but apart from that it was incredible!


Headlined by Coldplay, Adele and Muse, it was one of the wettest Glasto’s on record. It’s been running since the 1970s and is now the largest greenfield festival in the world. Everyone told me that if there’s one festival you do before you die, it’s Glastonbury. Was it worth all the mud? 100% YES!




I stayed off site at the Pop Up Motel, which was a great option as we had a parking space right next to the main road, bellboys to collect our bags on arrival and a huge canvas bell tent for 4 people. Most people arrive on Wednesday to get a spot to camp but with this kind of camping we could arrive on Thursday without the hassle of putting up a tent. We were provided with hairdryers, straighteners, hot showers and a food and bar area. You didn’t have people constantly walking past your tent, which meant you could actually sleep. If you’re thinking of booking Glastonbury I would recommend this campsite, just be prepared to walk, A LOT!


Thursday night was all about NYD Downlow, which is in the Block9 area. This is a gay club where they give you a moustache on entrance and that’s your queue jump pass for the weekend. We watched Tristan De Cunha play disco music and spent most of the night talking to random people. If there’s one thing this festival can give you, it’s the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.


Friday was sunny so we made the most of it by watching the Foals and Underworld, this was just before I got lost. Bit of advice when going to a festival, remember the name of the campsite you’re staying in! I lost my friends after a quick stop at the long drop (questionable toilets). After not being able to find them I gave in and decided to head back to the campsite. I then spent the next 2 hours asking stewards where the ‘Boutique Camping’ was, to which every one of them replied saying they didn’t know. With no phone battery I continued my search for the campsite that didn’t exist and after 2 hours, a miracle happened and I actually found my tent!





Saturday was fancy dress day, although everyday at Glasto is fancy dress day. Armored with military hats, glitter and lots of patterned leggings we went to see Adele and New Order. Although these iconic acts were incredible, I was all about the after hour parties. The Latino tent, Rum Shack and the Shangri-la areas are all a must see, if you can still see by then that is.


Sunday separates the men from the boys, or women from the girl’s as everyone’s tired, skint and smelly. If you can survive all 5 days at Glasto then you’ve smashed it. We watched Coldplay, had a little cry and then regrouped to spend the last night partying as a crew of girls in NYC Downlow. We watched Chez Damier DJ and enjoyed watching an array of naked male dancers until the sun came up.





Top 5 tips for Glastonbury


*Pay extra for the nice camping & travel on the Thursday

*Take a cheap festival phone with lots of battery

*Wellies are an obvious must

*Have a meeting point for friends

*Don’t forget to eat properly as you have a lot of walking ahead of you

48 Hours In Copenhagen

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 20.39.55                                              

What can you do with 48 hours in Copenhagen? Well it turns out, quite a lot!

It’s Denmark’s capital that’s achingly cool. If you’re not being cut up by some understated hipster on a bike, you’re being charged £8.50 for a pint of larger, but who cares, Copenhagen is worth it. It’s clean, compact and friendly, what’s not to like about these razor sharp cheekboned Danish?

Before my visit everyone warned me it would be expensive, and yes if you and your mates like a drink then don’t offer to pay for a round. A pint can range from £3 to £8.50 and a glass of wine from £7 and up. I came to the conclusion that because the drinks are expensive, the people don’t seem to get as drunk and therefore larger louts amount to zero. The meatpacking district is a great little hub of bars and restaurants, I spent my Saturday night there and witnessed no fights, no boyfriend/girlfriend domestics and didn’t even see a bouncer on the door. So we’ve got that bit boxed off, Copenhagen is a little expensive on the booze front but because of that everyone is sound.




So what does Copenhagen have to offer?

Amazing food and lots of it! We spent our Saturday night at a restaurant called Host, recommended by many friends. We went for the three-course meal option with wine to match each course, something I would highly recommend as it keeps the booze bill down (whilst still getting pissed of course). Although it said three courses it was in fact seven including coffee and a pre-dessert before the actual dessert, genius! This was honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had and if you want to go fancy but not blow your budget I’d recommend HostCopenhagen Street Food Market is also a must see. It offers BBQ Street Food, Sushi and Turkish food plus an array of cakes and pastries. It’s got a great view overlooking the river, perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon tipple. And finally if you have any room left, then check out Warpigs in the meatpacking district, serving smoked ribs school dinners style with lots of beer.






Cycling is the best way to see the city. This was also the most cost-effective thing we did all weekend, £10 per bike for 24 hours and it even included a basket. Copenhagen is cyclist friendly with cycle lanes everywhere, you don’t feel intimidated by passing cars plus it’s echo friendly, everyone’s a winner.


Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens is a traditional theme park in the middle of the city. It includes one of the world’s oldest rollercoasters over 100 years old. It’s quite pricey working out at £30 each for entry and rides, so I would recommend to only do this if you’re stuck for things to do. A beautiful place but not easy on the purse.




Christiania (Freetown Christiania)

Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of 850 residents. It’s a large commune and has a unique status that is regulated by a special law which transfers parts of the supervision of the area from the municipality of the Copenhagen state. Basically this means the rules are a bit looser and you may see things being openingly smoked that you wouldn’t necessarily see in other parts of Copenhagen. It’s a mini town covered in art, graffiti and markets stalls. We sat around the lake drinking beers in the sun listening to a local band surrounded by all age ranges. This place reminded me of being at a festival, think Secret Garden Party or Festival No6. I would have taken pictures, but they weren’t allowed.




Where to Stay?

I would recommend to stay near the Nyhavn canal which means you’re central to the canal, shops and restaurants. We stayed in the Scandic Front which is directly opposite the Copenhagen street food market, and down the street from the Little Mermaid statue. This place also worked out the same price as an airbnb but you got breakfast included and your bed was made when you got back. Copenhagen is a must see city, it’s classy, cultural and full of beautiful people!


Access All Areas: Lost & Found Festival: Malta 2016




Malta is an unlikely place to go ‘raving’ but over the past 2 years Annie Mac and her team have turned the island into a desirable place to party, bringing you Lost & Found Festival.

I was lucky enough to blag a backstage pass and got the chance to see the festival from the other side of the DJ booth. I spent most of my weekend over at the Palace stage watching DJ EZ, Disclosure, Dusky and Annie Mac. The vibe on that stage was immense, I felt very lucky to have the chance to watch these DJs up close. I also went to see Artwork and Skream play back to back at one of the pool parties. Artwork spent most of his set playing house bangers and giving everyone who wasn’t dancing grief over the microphone, which was brilliant. The atmosphere across the whole weekend was infectious, the crowd wasn’t too chavvy or too studenty. The cherry on the top was that the DJs and some of the festival goers stayed in the same hotel (including me), which meant bumping into familiar faces in the corridors and the afterparties.

The team behind the festival worked relentlessly to make sure everything was perfect. The artist liaison staff (Michelle and Damo) had to deal with everything from DJs missing flights to DJs not turning up, to hangers on. You really don’t appreciate how much time, patience and energy is put into their job, all with a smile on their face.




Sadly I didn’t make any of the boat parties, mainly because I couldn’t get out of bed, but I heard they were the dogs b*llocks. Check out some of the Lost & Found instagram videos to see Jackmaster & Eats Everything play back to back.


Highlights of the weekend


  • Talking nonsense to Katy B
  • Watching DJ EZ for the first time
  • Annie Mac’s closing set playing ‘I feel love’ Donna Summer


If you didn’t get to Lost & Found this year then don’t stress, you’ve got all these other festivals to go to.





Berlin – A Girls Guide To Berlin





For the past two years I have been saying I would go back to Berlin and finally at the start of this month I did! I admit I didn’t go to Berlin to do cultural things, I went to party. If like me you like food, music and great people then Berlin is the perfect weekend getaway. It’s full of industrial clubs and converted factories turned restaurants. The people are friendly, the vibe is great, I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to go to Berlin.

This time around I went with ten girls, which means only one thing CARNAGE! If you’re in a big group then I would recommend hiring an apartment rather than staying in hostels or hotels. Staying next to a Metro stop is also ideal,  Michel Berger Hotel which is uber hipster is in a great location for bars and is opposite a Metro stop. If that’s not your thing then stay in an apartment like I did, try Top Flat Berlin

There are some amazing restaurants in Berlin, head to Sage to fill your belly before you go raving. Set in a rustic converted mill you’re greeted by a 50s style car raised 15ft above the ground. The vibe is laid back and the music is house and techno, not something I’ve ever experienced in a high-end restaurant but it was perfect.





Like clubbing? Berlin is for YOU!


You’ve read about it in Vice magazine and heard stories through your mates, but what is inside this Berghain? Well I got in once, back in 2012 and seen a few fruity things. Once you get past the bouncers on the door (which is a mission and a half by the way), you enter what I can only describe as heaven and hell, and I don’t mean that shitty old club that was in Leeds. Remember the end scene from Terminator when he’s in the big warehouse and he’s lowered into the big vat of molten steel? Well the Berghain is a little bit like that. It’s industrial and dark but the music is amazing. There’s plenty of dark ‘areas’ you can ‘chill’ in if that’s your ting. Upstairs is Panorama bar which is my personal favourite, the music is incredible! Don’t believe what they say about trying to be uber cool to be in there, my friend spent the whole night carrying a beer bottle crate around and using it as a stage! The best time to party is Sunday morning/ Sunday night and don’t forget to keep your cool at the door!


Kater Blau


Berlin isn’t all about Berghain though, make sure you visit Kater Blau. This is the perfect club for a Sunday afternoon boogie. The vibe is chilled, you can either hang out on the deck and look over the river, or dance to some jacking house and techno in the main room. The thing I like about this club is that it has loads of quirky things like a disco phone booth. It’s exactly what it says on the tin! You pick a song, get in the phone booth, the music starts and then confetti falls, strobe lights start flashing and pictures are taken, it’s random!






If you’ve still got energy then make sure you visit Renate, my favourite club of all time. It used to be an old squat that has been turned into a club. The people who run it also live in the building. It’s like one big house party with a disco ball room, a bunk bed den and two more floors of chaos.




Top Tips For Berlin


  • Stay near a Metro stop or take an Uber

  • In a big group? Hire an apartment, much cheaper and sassier!

  • Berlin can be enjoyed all year round but summer is the best time to party!

  • Worried that you won’t get into the clubs? Try and make friends with some locals, don’t overdress and most of all don’t be a dick!

  • If you don’t get into the Berghain who cares! Check out ChaletKitKatClub Der Visionaere, Rummelsburg check out more clubs here – Berlin Clubs