Ibiza 2018

It’s got to be said that if there was an award for the world’s laziest blogger then it would go to me. My last post was back in April when I played at Snowbombing festival and since then life has been a bit of a whirlwind and I’ve just not got round to writing a post. I usually get a bit anxious about my blogs subject matter; will people think this post is boring? And I only write when I’ve done something amazing, well guess what? I’ve done something amazing.

For those who don’t know me personally, I have a real love for Ibiza. Without getting all spiritual and deep like Eyal from Love Island, I lived there for two summers during my University years and feel I have a genuine connection with the island. It feels like home, although home is actually Carlisle, which is far from the Balearic’s and Ibiza!

When I heard I was being flown out to Ibiza with Capital to interview DJs and host a radio show from Café Mambo I was buzzing! This was the PERFECT job for me as I know the island, I love talking about music and to do a show from Café Mambo is iconic. I got the chance to interview the likes of Rudimental and Anne Marie, Sigma, Craig David, Jonas Blue, The Chainsmokers and Jax Jones. I went between Ibiza Rocks and Ushuaia to do the interviews and I even managed to squeeze in a cheeky trip to Amnesia and DC10 to see Denis Sulta.

Watch my Interview with Jonas Blue HERE

My interview with Jax Jones at Ibiza Rocks has to be my favourite as something brilliant/rediculous happened. My friends and I have a saying that if you do a ‘througher’ meaning to stay up all night partying then you do a ‘Louis’ as in Louis Theroux. I told Jax Jones and he loved it and said he was stealing the saying. Then unbelievably Louis Theroux retweeted our interview and said ‘Cancel the OBE, this is the only honour I need’. I didn’t think it was real at first and then when I seen lots of people retweeting it sunk in. Louis Theroux now knows what a Louis is!


You can check out the Jax Jones interview by clicking HERE



          Check out the Rudimental & Anne Marie interview HERE


I will be back out in Ibiza this Saturday 18th August 2018 to host The Capital Weekender live from Café Mambo across the Capital network from 6pm. Get the shout outs in!