Here’s one i made earlier…..the things you do for radio!


I’ve been radio presenting on and off for 10 years and from an early age always wanted to get behind the mic. I’ve come to realise that when you sign up to be a presenter there are so many things you have to do that don’t involve presenting. When i started my current radio gig at Capital i didn’t realise how many weird and wonderful things i’d have to do as a presenter all because ‘it’s content for the show’. That’s how the bosses dress it up, ‘oh it’s for the show, jump off that building it’s for the show’. Oh well if it’s for the show then of course! I actually said to my co-host Graeme Smith whilst putting on a wet-suit to go water skiing in February in North Wales FFS, that i sometimes feel like a Blue Peter presenter. Now before you think i’m an ungrateful cow, i’m not complaining, i actually wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter when i was a kid and deep down really enjoy the random things we do. But I’ve quickly learnt that as a presenter you have to do so many things that don’t involve a studio or a microphone.



Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 20.18.13


Looking really chuffed here in the countryside!


So you’re probably wondering what things we’ve done for content for the show? We’ve visited housing estates in an ice cream van and yes i died inside. We’ve water skied and we’ve even done a surprise bungee jump. Now you’re probably wondering what that is, no someone didn’t push me off a building. Graeme and I had to climb to the top of a huge tree and then jump from the top! They didn’t actually tell us we had to jump until we got to the top and there was no other way down, but remember ‘it’s for the show’! Graeme had a bitch fit and didn’t end up jumping so i ended up flying solo. We’ve zipped across Europe’s longest zip line and most recently swam with sharks at Blue Planet Aquarium at Cheshire Oaks. Surprise surprise Graeme didn’t do that one either as he ‘had a sore back’. Swimming with sharks was pretty intense as i had 7 sharks circling a tank whilst i pretended to not shit myself. I’m a qualified diver so that made the experience a bit easier but when you see a shark you instantly think JAWS and Deep Blue Sea! What if I’ve cut my leg whilst shaving and the sharks smell the blood and eat me? It didn’t help that a bus load of school kids were pointing and laughing at me through the glass.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt as a presenter it’s always expect the unexpected. Whether its a shark dive or a bungee jump, an interview with a huge boy band or a race for life on a Sunday, you have to be on form and just roll with what you do. Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 20.04.48