Gingerline Presents The Chambers Of Flavour

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Gingerline – The Chambers of Flavour is London’s best kept secret. If you’re a lover of art, performance, design and food, Chambers of Flavour is right up your street.

With renowned guest chefs and a host of immersive theatrical and artistic experiences in curious locations, Gingerline taps into a world we can only imagine in our qurkiest dreams.

So here’s the deal, you buy a ticket for £65 and then on the day of the event you get a text an hour before to reveal it’s location. It’s location is strictly confidential so I can’t tell you where it is, but what I can tell you is that it’s in London and on The East London Overground (that is, the Ginger Line).

I would recommend to get there early so you can enjoy the Gin cocktails and soak up the atmosphere. After your drinks a ‘doctor’ will greet you and in groups of four leads you into The Chamber of Flavour. Sadly that is all I can tell you as those are the rules, as a member of The Chambers alumni ‘You must keep all you see inside our worlds a secret’. It would be like telling you the ending of a book before you’ve even read the first page. You just have to go and experience it for yourself, it’s too good to spoil.

You can expect creative, almost mind-bending sets, whacky actors and beautiful food. Go open-minded and enjoy being taken back to your childlike imagination.

The next set of Gingerline tickets go on sale January 31st so get them quickly as they will sell out.

If you’re still not convinced then CLICK HERE

Tickets – Gingerline

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