Quarter-Life Crisis?

I turned 26 in May and I can honestly say I was pretty gutted. I genuinely thought I’d be able to style out my 16-25 railcard forever. I know everyone over the age of 30 reading this will be thinking ‘SHUT UP’ but as a career driven girl/woman being the wrong side of your 20s sets off alarm bells. As the great Britney Spears once said, ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’, and yes I’m still confused about that too. I suddenly realised I graduated 5 years ago and that I’d never been backpacking around the world. My hangovers were the worst they’d ever been and I wasn’t getting asked for ID anymore.

Leading up to my 26th birthday I started to think more about my career, relationships, living arrangements and of course settling down. When should I settle in one place (as I’ve moved house 12 times in 7 years)? Should I visit my family up north more? Should I buy a house? Or more to the point, can I afford a house? My work mates seemed to think it was hilarious that I was worried about these things, probably because they are all over the age of 30. As someone who wants to try and achieve it all, whatever that may be, I started to believe I was running out of time before I have to think about the inevitable KIDS! Society has put so much pressure on women to ‘have it all’, the career, the looks, the family and all in such a short space of time before we ‘run out of time’. Many of my female friends in their late 20s are questioning things they never usually would, which leads me to question, were we having a quarter-life crisis? Does that even exist? We called Dr Christian (the buff one off Embarrassing Bodies) on the Capital Breakfast show for his advice on the subject and he refused to comment, which makes me think it doesn’t.

However if it does exist my answer would be YES, I think I was having one….well kind of. I wasn’t spending shed loads of money on credit cards and signing up to Tinder but I was assessing pretty much everything. I don’t feel or act any older than 22 but when you can’t use your young persons railcard and you start looking into mortgages and the best interest rates you do feel a bit older. The solution? Hang around with older people so you feel younger? Run away to Thailand? To be honest I don’t have one, but going backwards on your Facebook photos will make you feel better about yourself, I mean what were you thinking with that hair and outfit? At least you don’t look like that anymore! I’ve come to realise that worrying about everything isn’t going to help, you’ll have sleepless nights and your older friends will start to think you’re a dick. Just work hard and focus on what you love and don’t compare yourself to people your age. Taylor Swift may be a millionaire songstress at 25 but she didn’t spend the first half of her 20s getting sozzled with her mates and plastering it on Facebook. To follow more posts like this then follow me on Twitter.