Ibiza Round 2

My boss – ‘Sarah we’d like you to fly to Ibiza again and host a radio show from Café Mambo’.

Me – ‘SOUND’!


This was my exact response to my boss when he asked me to go to Ibiza for the second time this summer. I flew out on the Saturday morning after 3 hours of sleep as I had been on air the night before, I think living off adrenaline has become my forte.

When I landed in Ibiza it was raining, FUMING! We were broadcasting for 12 hours live from Café Mambo on Capital and my show was the last show of the day. Each presenter was given a challenge, I was challenged to go down to the beach in San Antonio and find someone to go on the sling shot ride with me… GREAT!

I spent quite a lot of time looking for someone as people were either hungover, shy or just being boring. Like a little ray of sunshine I spotted the most extra guy you’ve ever seen in your life, he was walking down the beach with a harem of beautiful women all covered in glitter with Cardi B blasting out off his bluetooth speaker. I went straight up to him and asked him if he was up for the sling shot challenge and of course he said ‘YES’!

Watch the video HERE


Back at the studio we had a special guest, Connor from The Vamps who was conveniently in Ibiza at the same time as us so we roped him into to doing some challenges. One of them was to do a ‘shoey’ which is to down a drink from a shoe….nice.


My show (The Capital Weekender) is a 4 hour show in the mix non-stop. It was so much fun to host this show live from Café Mambo as I got to play some great Ibiza style remixes and play a sunset mix full of uplifting house tunes. Remember I said it was raining? Well the sun came out just in time for my show, watching the yacht’s dock into the bay out of the studio window with the sunsetting was a real bucketlist moment. I’m not really sure anything will beat it.


After the show I rounded up the Capital troops and we did what everyone should do in Ibiza, go out raving. We went to Pacha to see Bob Sinclair, 2 Many DJs and DJ Harvey, it was brilliant and it ended up where most nights out should end… in Burger King… classy.



Ibiza you beautiful beautiful island…I will see you very soon.



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