Let’s Talk About: Turning 30

Well I never thought I’d get there, but somehow it looks like it’s about to happen, I’m about to turn 30. Throughout most of my 20s I never thought it would happen, like I was a super human who would be young forever. When you’re in your teens or early twenties you think 30 is old, past it, over the hill but now I’m nearly there I’ve realised none of that is true. Of course it depends on what type of 30 year old you speak to but I honestly still think and feel 21…such a cliché! I always want to go to an afterparty and I’m still the last one standing/ leaning/ hanging on for dear life.

Most of my 20s have been spent working really hard to make sure that when I hit 30 I would feel satisfied with what I had achieved. I didn’t want to get to the milestone and feel like I’d not used my youthful time properly. I wanted to carve out a career for myself, buy a house, party, travel and make great friends. I also thought I might have been settled down and married by now but that hasn’t happened and that’s probably because I don’t feel old enough to do it yet!

It’s a really interesting milestone because things to start change and you might start to feel like you’re getting left behind. Your Facebook and Instagram feed is full of people getting married and having babies. Your diary is full of hen and stag do’s and your bank balance is ever decreasing because you’re forking out on bloody weddings.  A lot of people panic thinking that they should be doing the same, but actually you shouldn’t be worrying at all. You don’t need to be a sheep and follow their lead. If you were supposed to have done it by now you would have.

When I was turning 26 I wrote a blog about it, apparently I was having a quarter life crisis, I mean what was I thinking?! What a dick! READ IT HERE. I look back and can’t believe I was worried about it, but young adults put SO much pressure on themselves to ACHIEVE that it can stop them from enjoying the moment. We see getting older as a bad thing when actually it’s a great thing! We’re wiser, we hang around with friends we actually like and we know who we are. We know what we like and what we don’t like and if we don’t want to do something then we don’t do it. Your 20s are all about working out who you are and what you want out of life, I feel like your 30s are the time to make a real difference, whether that’s in your career, personal life or both.

Remember when Rachel turned 30 in Friends and we all thought that was really old?

On 10th May (don’t forget to send me some cash in a card!) I will be turning 30 and I’ve finally accepted it. I’ve been dreading it for months but now I’m ok with it. I’ve really noticed, as I’ve been getting older that I’ve stopped caring so much. Not about serious things, but silly stuff like my weight or what people think of me. I still need to get round to reading the book ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’, but I think I do it already, stop caring so much, it’s draining!

What advice would I give to a twenty something worried about turning 30?

Well cleanse, tone & moisturise obviously! And go to the gym, look after your body and it will look after you. If you’re not happy in your career path then the time to change is NOW. You still have the time and energy to become whatever you want to be. Don’t settle, whether that’s in a relationship or in a job because you will only regret it in the long run. If you’ve got negative people around you then phase them out, you don’t need dem bad vibes. And stop overthinking everything because it doesn’t get you anywhere, what will be will be.

Here’s to being 30 and fabulous… now someone pass the champagne!

Let’s Talk About: VIP

This is such a funny subject to talk about because I think EVERYONE will have an opinion.

“The VIP area – for balcony babes sipping on champagne, where only the ‘important’ people can go”.

I know you’re going to roll your eyes and think ‘Sarah bugger off, you’re always backstage at gigs how can YOU have a dig at VIP areas’? I hold my hands up and admit that I’m lucky enough to get the occasional backstage access to a club sometimes, but this is only because one of my friends is probably working there. I’ve never really been someone that’s bothered about being seen in VIP, paying for a table and drinking champagne. This is because the people in there never look like they are having a good time. I wanted to discuss this because I feel like it’s such a debatable subject. We all want to feel special and some of us want to be ‘seen’, but what does VIP even mean? You have 100K followers on Instagram? You’re a life saving doctor?  You’re an Oscar winner?

Back in the 80s when house music first burst onto the scene, clubs were pretty basic. There were probably a few dodgy toilets with a bar in the corner and people were there to dance and meet other like-minded people. One of the reasons why I think clubbing is so powerful is because people from all walks of life are coming together to let go, forget about their troubles and dance. I have this romantic idea that clubbing should just be four walls with incredible music and open-minded people. The dance floor is the perfect place to make friends, meet partners and network! You can meet a lawyer, a DJ, cleaner, lorry driver, accountant, dancer and so on. Where else in the world would all these people congregate together, let their guards down and dance?

The VIP area kind of makes me feel like we’re going back in time and separating ourselves from one another. The idea that ‘we’re better than you’ so we’re higher up in a nicer area. We have £2000 to spend on a table in a club and you have to queue at the bar. The flipside to this is that some people love going into VIP because they like to treat themselves. They’ve worked really hard, maybe have kids and don’t get to go out as often. They’ve saved their money and when they do go clubbing they go ALL OUT. I get that, and when I have kids I would probably do the same. But I also see the negative side, the girls that just want to get free drinks from guys and take endless pictures for instagram, and the guys who definitely shouldn’t be spending £500 on a table when they know they can’t afford it. I went out in Vegas a few years ago and unless you were sat at a VIP table with a group of guys you didn’t really have anywhere comfortable to dance. At this point I could have really done with being one of those girls who just chats to guys to blag drinks and get into VIP… but I just could not be arsed! We spent an hour in there trying to find somewhere to dance (whilst avoiding creepy guys trying to lure us into the VIP area). In the end we left, got a hotdog and went to bed, not quite what I had expected from a night out in Vegas. However I think that might be the problem with clubbing in Vegas rather than a ‘VIP’ issue.

We’ve seen a lot more clubs in Ibiza adding VIP areas, even the local bars in town now have one, which is just a crappy section of the club with a rope! We all know this is just a money-maker but it’s kinda killing your vibe, my vibe and everyone else’s vibe. I think one of the main issues is that some of the people that want to be seen aren’t going to the club for the music. This is more apparent in Ibiza and London. The club name is pulling them in so naturally this drives a poor atmosphere because people aren’t going for the music. This then makes VIP not only physically disconnected but also emotionally disconnected from the club. People are just there for insta pictures and showboating, rather than to have fun!

If you’ve ever been clubbing in Berlin you will know that the VIP area doesn’t exist. Berlin is renowned for being very snooty when trying to get into clubs but once you’re in, the atmosphere is friendly and very down to earth. This is directly the opposite of what some clubs are like in the UK that have VIP, maybe we need to take a leaf out of Berlin’s book!

Someone has paid £500 for this rope!

I ask the question, why do we do it? To feel special? To feel better than others? To blag free drinks from guys? To pull? To make our night out better? To have a bit of space to dance? I can agree with the latter as some clubs oversell tickets and make the dance floor unbearable to move, we’ve all felt like a sardine at one point when on a night out. If you’re going out to blag free drinks from guys and hover around the VIP area then you’ve not had a proper night out before. Stop being so bothered about being seen, get in amongst the sweaty crowd and get raving!

The 90’s Brunch

When you think of the weekend you think of brunch. Bottomless brunch is the THING to do now, I mean who doesn’t want to eat poached eggs and drink endless Bloody Mary’s on a Saturday afternoon?

In London they are ditching boring brunches for party brunches, let me introduce you to The 90’s Brunch. It does exactly what it says on the tin, think 90s pop tunes, people dressed as characters from Clueless and lot’s of mid-day shots, guys breakdancing on roller skates and teams of friends queuing up to play games on the stage.

I didn’t really know what to expect when going to The 90’s Brunch. Bottomless drinks lasted for an hour between 12pm-1pm and by 2pm EVERYONE was up dancing, VIBES for a Saturday afternoon.  

The food was even 90s (if that’s a thing), we had chicken wings covered in a spicy sauce and jalapeno poppers to start which were banging! For main we had chicken tenders, chips and coleslaw, admittedly not very ‘brunchy’ but it tasted great! 

After food the entertainers then started the games round where people had to get into teams to win drinks. Don’t worry if you don’t want to join in with games by 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, I didn’t and no one tried to drag me up…. THANK GOD! Lip sync battle started and then the whole place did the conga, exactly what you need on a rainy Saturday afternoon in London.

This place is FUN! If you’re planning a hen party or a weekend with old school or Uni mates then this is the perfect brunch. 

Let’s Talk About: Money

Ok I know you’re probably thinking, ‘why is Sarah writing about money’? You usually see me post about music, parties and festivals, but I thought I should write about something else that I’m interested in, MONEY! It’s a taboo subject with over half of UK adults never talking about their finances, which in my opinion needs to change. I don’t want you to think I’m tight, materialistic or a greedy person, I’m just passionate about making a good living, saving it and then using it wisely to further my profit. Whether it’s through buying a property to building up air miles on a credit card, there’s so many ways we can use our money wisely. Basically I think Martin Lewis is a don and if you don’t know who he is then go and check out his website HERE the guys worth £87 million! He is THE money saving expert.

Saving is one of those things that we all should do but doing it seems impossible. We live in times where people are living in the moment, spending more than they earn because YOLO. We like to spend money but we don’t like to talk about it. We forget about the rainy days and just whack everything on the credit card. People want to live their best lives, go on nice holidays, wear nice clothes and eat in nice restaurants, but what about all the debt we’re racking up? What about the end goal? What are we working for if we just blow it all on pay day?

I’m not writing this to give lectures or to tell you how great I am at saving money. I’m not even writing this to try and make you open a savings account, I just feel like we should be talking about money because it’s something we all need whether we like it or not. I think the start of the year is a great time to get your finances in order and start 2019 the right way. When I speak to people about saving money no one seems that bothered.  When I mention it to friends they laugh, like I’m the odd one. So many times I’ve heard, ‘I’m living in the moment, you can’t take it with you’.  The more I write about this the more I realise how much young people should be talking about it. If you haven’t saved any money, don’t feel guilty, saving is SO hard to do. Once your bills are paid then all you want to do is treat yourself because you’ve worked your arse off all month, I totally get it! What’s the point in working if you can’t spend it? But we have to draw the line somewhere and realise when we need to stop spending.

I believe we should be teaching kids in school from a young age about how to open a bank accounts, understand interest rates and mortgages. This is something most people will have to deal with at some point in their life, if they aren’t lucky enough to have family or friends to ask advice then bad decisions could be made in the future.

From a young age I’ve been taught to save. I was brought up in a single parent home so my mam had to be sensible with the money we had. As boring as this sounds, I actually like trying to save. Friends always seem surprised when they find out I’m quite sensible with it. From the age of 13 I’ve worked. My first job was in a chip shop but I eventually got let go because I kept doing the till wrong, I was definitely distracted by the chips! Then I started babysitting and saving my money for when I went on family holidays, from this it made me realise that saving money meant prizes!

Fast forward to age 21 and I decided that I wanted to buy a house. At the time I was on the dole (job seekers allowance) so it was a pipe dream but I knew I wanted property and I was going to work my arse off until I bought myself one.  I ended up getting a job as a contractor dealing with PPI complaints (I know, random AF). The money was good but I HATED it! When I was there I tried to do everything I could to understand money. I was lucky enough to make friends with people in the office who were part-time accountants or ex mortgage advisers and asked for their advice on shares, savings and mortgages. Eventually when I was 26 I finally bought a house, it took 5 years of graft and determination but I managed to save enough money to get the house. I’m now a landlord which seems pretty crazy, I’ve got the bug for it now and have started saving again to buy the next one.

Some people set their 5 year plan and usually buying a house is the end goal. I now live in London and the problem with London is the house prices are literally through the roof! The 5 year plan then becomes a 15 year plan, renting just seems easier and people feel trapped forever and never believe they could actually own their own place. Even if you’re not planning on buying a house and just want some saving tips then I want to pass on a bit of knowledge of how to save money and set yourself on the right path to finally getting out of debt and on the ladder.

Tips for saving

  • STOP spending more than you earn!
  • Open a tax free ISA
  • Limit yourself to 1 credit card and only use it for emergencies
  • Get a credit card with good benefits i.e air miles
  • Sign up to banking ‘rewards’ schemes, Natwest give £100 cash back a year for every bill you pay
  • Stop saying yes to everything, you don’t need to go to every party
  • Limit yourself to 1 deliveroo a month
  • Get a Monzo card, it breaks down your spending and you can pre-set budgets
  • Shop around for best deals on electric, gas and phone contracts using comparison websites
  • Buy your mobile phone out right, it seems a lot at first but you would end up spend double on a 2 year contract
  • Budget your food shopping per week and limit yourself to eating out once a week
  • Set a 5 year plan, how much you want to save and what you want to do with the money
  • Use Splitticketing.com to find the cheapest train fares
  • Under 30? Get a young persons rail card which gives you 30% off all train tickets

Tips for buying a house:

  • Open a ‘Help to buy ISA’ the government adds 25% to your savings, up to a maximum of £3000, FREE MONEY and it’s tax free 
  • Be aware help to buy schemes only let you buy a new build
  • Check your credit score using Experian, Noddle or Equifax this is something lenders look at when deciding whether they want to lend you money or not
  • Check you don’t have defaults (unpaid bills that might stop you from getting a good credit score)
  • Get a credit card to build up good credit, banks can then see that you’re a sensible lender and you can pay your bills off every month
  • Have extra savings put aside to pay for solicitors and mortgage brokers fees, this can be between £2000 – £5000
  • Be prepared to look at LOTS of houses, don’t just pick the first one you see. I looked at over 30 houses before I bought mine
  • Buying a house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do but also one of the most rewarding. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you don’t fully understand

Smirnoff Equalising Music


Over the past 8 months you might have noticed I’ve posted a lot on my insta about a campaign I have been involved with ‘Smirnoff’s Equalising Music’. If you didn’t notice then where have you been?


Let me explain….


In 2017 Smirnoff launched a 3 year campaign – Smirnoff Equalising Music. This is a global initiative to double female and female-identifying headliners and inspire the next generation of DJs. Back in 2016 only 17% of headliners at international music festivals were women and only 5% of recognised producers were women. Smirnoff wants to bring these issues to the forefront, discuss and help change.


They collaborated with 5 current, high-profile and influential DJ figures; The Black Madonna, Nastia, Peggy Gou, Honey Dijon and Artwork to support the campaign and together handpicked 10 undiscovered UK female DJs to mentor throughout the year.


In April 2018 I was asked to be the voice and presenter of the mini documentary for the campaign. As someone who has worked in the Radio and Music industry for the past 10 years I understand how difficult it is to break into the industry and then when you’re in it, to succeed. I know that both industries are male dominated so by giving these mentees the opportunity to get guidance and advice from these high-profile DJs is priceless.


For the first part of the documentary I travelled to Austria to Snowbombing festival to interview Peggy Gou, Artwork and some of the mentees taking part in the campaign. Chatting with Peggy Gou, she wanted to stress that we shouldn’t be focusing on the term ‘female’ but to consider all DJs as artists, which I couldn’t agree with more! To get a wider perspective I also spoke to Craig David and Rudimental among others about equality in the industry and how/if they think it is changing. They agreed it was improving and Piers from Rudimental said ‘we should look at all artists as artists and gender should not matter’. On top of all of this one of my personal highlights of the trip was getting the chance to DJ at the top of the mountains in the snow. The view was insane and even though it looked freezing it was actually 24 degrees! Check out my Snowbombing blog HERE .



Back in the UK I took part in a workshop with The Black Madonna and two amazing mentees who were part of the campaign, DJ’s Jaguar and Kiia. We spent the day in London Sound Academy Studios filming both girls DJing and discussing the industry. It was lovely to sit and chat with like-minded people about the music we love. The Black Madonna told us that she didn’t focus solely on a music career until her 30s, which was inspiring as it made me realise you can pursue what you love at any age.



I then spent the day with singer/songwriter Carla Monroe. You might not know her name but you do know her voice as she wrote and sang on MK’s massive hit ‘17’. We had an in-depth chat about the writing process for ’17’ and how she has seen a change in the industry for the better recently as she has been working with a lot more female producers.


In August Smirnoff followed me for 12 hours to film ’12 hours with Sarah Story’, a short form piece that followed my usual Friday routine before heading to the studio to host the Capital Weekender and then on to a DJ gig. This was something of a first for me, as I’d never had a film crew follow me or film in my own house!



Check out ’12 hours with Sarah Story’ HERE


For the final part of the documentary I went to the showcase night for the campaign where all the key players involved came together to put on a powerful music line-up. Printworks was PACKED, the vibe was INCREDIBLE and the crowd was a real mixture of EVERYONE, this showed that there is a thirst for more equal line-ups. Seeing the mentees with such confidence, doing what they love with their amazing skillsets was really the icing on the cake from the campaign. You can see how the relationships have formed between everyone – which illustrates just how much passion the teams have for music and the industry itself. Backstage I caught up with Katie Enevolden from Broadwick Live, she said ‘change needs to start at the top with the bookers’ (rather than at grassroots level). Broadwick Live have partnered with Smirnoff to give the mentees the opportunity to play at many of their festivals throughout the year such as Snowbombing and Lost Village. Some may argue that there are very few female DJs to choose from so this campaign is expanding the talent pool, the DJ’s are there, they just need to get noticed!!!


You can watch the full documentary HERE


So what are my thoughts on the industry?


One thing that can stop women from working in the music industry is confidence and self-belief. This is something that I have struggled with, can you believe?! As women we tend to doubt ourselves, ‘am I good enough to do this?’, ‘Can I do this?’, I’ve overcome my fear of DJing, but still doubt myself in other areas of my work. On a shoot I said to the photographer, ‘I can’t believe I’m on this job, I don’t feel qualified enough’, she said to me, ‘Sarah do you think if you were a guy you would question this?’ I realised then that actually I probably wouldn’t, so why was I doing it?’. It really struck a chord with me and from that day I tried to stop doubting my ability. The one thing we need to do not only in music, but also in life generally, is support each other. People love to pit women against each other! We all experience it…it happened to me only 2 weeks ago at work. I think if we support each other rather than compete we are a really strong force to be reckoned with.


Bitching and pitting against each other isn’t going to help us move forward, only back.



I don’t believe that we can blame men for the lack of women in the music industry. When you’re younger you look up to certain people, pop stars, athletes or DJs for example. Growing up there wasn’t many female DJs around and so going into the music industry didn’t seem as accessible. Now we have many key artists across all genres like Peggy Gou, The Black Madonna, Honey Dijon and Nina Kraviz (to name a few.)  We have increasingly more women on the radio like Annie Mac, Alice Levine, Sara Cox and B Traits, these ladies are making a huge impact and paving the way for more women to get involved.

Even though I’ve said it about fifteen times in this blog so far, I don’t like to use the term “female” DJ.  All DJ’s male or female should be seen as artists and gender should not matter. If you’re talented enough, you will be booked.

We still have a long way to go in the fight for equality in the music industry but we have made considerable progress. Being a part of this campaign has been amazing and I’m excited to see the impact it will have over the next 2 years.







ADE Amsterdam Dance Event


After a crazy summer of travelling between the UK and Ibiza for work (and pleasure) I thought I would round off the chapter nicely with another trip, this time to Amsterdam for ADE. Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a five-day electronic music conference and festival held annually in mid-October. It offers a full program of daytime conferences with talks from the likes of Grammy nominated Bonobo and night time programme featuring 450 events, 2,200 artists over five days in 115 clubs. This is one if the busiest clubbing cities in the world, so if you want to see some of the best DJs in some of the best venues, get to ADE 2019.



It was my first time visiting ADE and I was taken aback with the buzz it creates across the city. If you work in the music industry this is the perfect place to come and network as you can arrange meetings through the day and then party at night. This is the place where new talent is showcased and plans are made for the following years events. One piece of advice I would give is to plan all your meetings on the Wednesday and Thursday because by Friday you will just want to P.A.R.T.Y.

Travelling to Amsterdam from London is pretty easy, you can get the Eurostar for less than £50 one way. It takes the same time to fly and means you can take lots of luggage and won’t be charged any extra for it. If you do fly you can catch a train direct from Schipol airport to Amsterdam Centraal station for €5 and it takes around 15 minutes.

The venues in Amsterdam are incredible, they remind me of some of the clubs in Berlin. As there’s so many events going on at the same time my group tried to squeeze in two or three parties a day. I went to see Bicep play live at DGTL on the Thursday night. The venue was vast, quite similar to the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester where The Warehouse Project was based for a few years. On Friday night I went to the 15 years of Toolroom party at The Loft Amsterdam. This party is held on the 16th floor and has an incredible view of Amsterdam. The party had a really nice vibe with stand out sets from Tough London and Illyus & Barrientos. The second venue of the evening has to be THE best venue I’ve ever been to EVER! Gashouder is based in an old gasworks complex, housed in an old industrial building. It’s a large, pillar-less chamber with an iron roof and a maximum capacity of 3,500. It’s circular shape is so vast that they have a fireworks display at the end of the night, and if you fancy a massage they even have an area for that, although I’m not sure I could relax to Techno!




Saturday was spent wandering around the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and soaking up the amazing architecture whilst stopping off for food and drinks at the Food Hallen. In the evening we went to the Circus Recordings event at Thuishaven. Resident Advisor states ‘this is not a club, or a warehouse, it’s a unique experience’, and they were not wrong, it’s amazing! Thuishaven is located on the western outskirts of Amsterdam but definitely worth the mission. It had two huge circus tents with DJs playing from Patrick Topping in the Circus Temple to Richy Ahmed in the Circus Dream tent. There was a shipping container used as an 80s bar and another steel building with incredible images projected onto the sides. The stand out set was from Dennis Ferrer who played the closing set in the Circus Dream tent. The production of the event was brilliant, I would definitely say this is a must see if you visit Amsterdam. Next stop was Circo Loco to see Denis Sulta. This venue was close to Thuishaven which was handy but the layout of the venue was quite confusing, probably because it was a car park! The vibe was great and the crowd was fun, Circo Loco never dissapoints.




Like festivals but hate camping? Check out ADE 2019!



Ibiza Round 2

My boss – ‘Sarah we’d like you to fly to Ibiza again and host a radio show from Café Mambo’.

Me – ‘SOUND’!


This was my exact response to my boss when he asked me to go to Ibiza for the second time this summer. I flew out on the Saturday morning after 3 hours of sleep as I had been on air the night before, I think living off adrenaline has become my forte.

When I landed in Ibiza it was raining, FUMING! We were broadcasting for 12 hours live from Café Mambo on Capital and my show was the last show of the day. Each presenter was given a challenge, I was challenged to go down to the beach in San Antonio and find someone to go on the sling shot ride with me… GREAT!

I spent quite a lot of time looking for someone as people were either hungover, shy or just being boring. Like a little ray of sunshine I spotted the most extra guy you’ve ever seen in your life, he was walking down the beach with a harem of beautiful women all covered in glitter with Cardi B blasting out off his bluetooth speaker. I went straight up to him and asked him if he was up for the sling shot challenge and of course he said ‘YES’!

Watch the video HERE


Back at the studio we had a special guest, Connor from The Vamps who was conveniently in Ibiza at the same time as us so we roped him into to doing some challenges. One of them was to do a ‘shoey’ which is to down a drink from a shoe….nice.


My show (The Capital Weekender) is a 4 hour show in the mix non-stop. It was so much fun to host this show live from Café Mambo as I got to play some great Ibiza style remixes and play a sunset mix full of uplifting house tunes. Remember I said it was raining? Well the sun came out just in time for my show, watching the yacht’s dock into the bay out of the studio window with the sunsetting was a real bucketlist moment. I’m not really sure anything will beat it.


After the show I rounded up the Capital troops and we did what everyone should do in Ibiza, go out raving. We went to Pacha to see Bob Sinclair, 2 Many DJs and DJ Harvey, it was brilliant and it ended up where most nights out should end… in Burger King… classy.



Ibiza you beautiful beautiful island…I will see you very soon.



Ibiza 2018

It’s got to be said that if there was an award for the world’s laziest blogger then it would go to me. My last post was back in April when I played at Snowbombing festival and since then life has been a bit of a whirlwind and I’ve just not got round to writing a post. I usually get a bit anxious about my blogs subject matter; will people think this post is boring? And I only write when I’ve done something amazing, well guess what? I’ve done something amazing.

For those who don’t know me personally, I have a real love for Ibiza. Without getting all spiritual and deep like Eyal from Love Island, I lived there for two summers during my University years and feel I have a genuine connection with the island. It feels like home, although home is actually Carlisle, which is far from the Balearic’s and Ibiza!

When I heard I was being flown out to Ibiza with Capital to interview DJs and host a radio show from Café Mambo I was buzzing! This was the PERFECT job for me as I know the island, I love talking about music and to do a show from Café Mambo is iconic. I got the chance to interview the likes of Rudimental and Anne Marie, Sigma, Craig David, Jonas Blue, The Chainsmokers and Jax Jones. I went between Ibiza Rocks and Ushuaia to do the interviews and I even managed to squeeze in a cheeky trip to Amnesia and DC10 to see Denis Sulta.

Watch my Interview with Jonas Blue HERE

My interview with Jax Jones at Ibiza Rocks has to be my favourite as something brilliant/rediculous happened. My friends and I have a saying that if you do a ‘througher’ meaning to stay up all night partying then you do a ‘Louis’ as in Louis Theroux. I told Jax Jones and he loved it and said he was stealing the saying. Then unbelievably Louis Theroux retweeted our interview and said ‘Cancel the OBE, this is the only honour I need’. I didn’t think it was real at first and then when I seen lots of people retweeting it sunk in. Louis Theroux now knows what a Louis is!


You can check out the Jax Jones interview by clicking HERE



          Check out the Rudimental & Anne Marie interview HERE


I will be back out in Ibiza this Saturday 18th August 2018 to host The Capital Weekender live from Café Mambo across the Capital network from 6pm. Get the shout outs in!

Snowbombing 2018


If you’re bored of the standard festival in a field and are in need of something a little bit different then check out Snowbombing. Before you think, snow? Skiing? But I can’t ski! Don’t worry neither can I and I went down a blue run!

Snowbombing is held annually at the Austrian ski resort of Mayrhofen. The festival has been running since 2000 and has evolved into Europe’s biggest snow and music festival. The setting looks like a picture postcard and has so many parties you could do a different one everyday. The great thing about this festival is that you can ski all day and party all night or just après ski if you can’t brave the slopes. You can catch acts like Richy Ahmed and Dizzee Rascal in the Racket Club to Artwork and Peggy Gou DJin in a butchers! Big Narstie throwing a party in a ski lift to Mr Motivator giving you a work out on the tops of the mountains. The one thing that stood out to me was the incredible vibe from the crowd, definitely helped by the pro viber’s who were a crew of people hired to get everyone else hyped.



I flew out to Snowbombing to film a documentary for Smirnoff’s Equalising Music campaign that is a 3-year, global initiative to double female and female-identifying headliners and inspire the next generation of DJs. It has been so much fun to be part of this campaign as not only did I get to DJ on top of the Mountains and party with the best of them, but I also got the chance to meet and interview some of the aspiring DJs and the campaigns ambassadors. I spoke to Peggy Gou and Artwork about their views on the current music industry and how they are mentoring the aspiring DJs taking part in this campaign. I also got the chance to speak with Kristy Harper who was playing on various stages across the festival. She told me about her journey from juggling several jobs whilst saving for decks to eventually DJin full-time. You can watch the full interviews via the Smirnoff’s Equalising Music documentary due for release in November 2018.

I also arranged a speed date with Jax Jones on a ski lift…. as you do. I spoke to him about his ‘bromance’ with Calvin Harris, cheap dates and his love of outrageous hats. You can watch the interview HERE


Get your crew rounded up and book Snowbombing 2019, you will not be disappointed!




BRITs Week 2018 Jessie Ware – War Child

War Child BRITs Week 2018 kicked off on Monday night with the amazing Jessie Ware performing at Bush Hall in London.

War Child BRITs Week is the series of gigs that give you the chance to see the biggest names in music in intimate venues across London and Manchester. Produced by War Child, together with O2, these are the smallest gigs making the biggest difference. I was invited to host the first BRITs Week gig and interview Jessie Ware all streamed on Facebook Live.

So far War Child has raised over £600,000 to help children who have been affected by war worldwide and plan to raise even more over the next 2 weeks with shows across London and Manchester.

Before Jessie’s set I went down to have a chat with her about her BRIT nomination and to talk about her podcast ‘Table Manners’ which she hosts with her Mum Lennie. Now there is something you should know, I’m a massive fan of Jessie Ware. I’ve seen her four times, I used to do my hair like her for God’s sake and I have a signed poster of her on my wall, so you get my drift, I think she’s cool. I was told to head into her dressing room to have a quick chat, I went over and shook her hand and introduced myself as Sarah, all going ok so far. However no-one has told her where I work or what I’m there for so she just thinks I’m some random person who’s interrupted her vocal warm ups! Luckily Jessie Ware is really down to earth and very charming and see’s the funny side, so I scoot off and go back after 20 minutes.


When I finally get to chat to her the ice is broken and she is nothing but lovely. Excited about her third BRIT nomination she said she hasn’t got a speech prepared but if she does win she will just roll with it off the top of her head, so I suggested with a glass of wine in hand, she replied ‘absolutely YES’!

Jessie’s podcast ‘Table Manners’ has proven to be a big hit with guests like Sam Smith coming over to her house to chat and eat home cooked food. Kicking off the second series today (Wednesday 14th Feb) with special guest Ed Sheeran, she said he was a brilliant guest and they talked death row dinners, Lion bars, rotting shark and pizza butties! Check out the podcast HERE.

Listen to my interview with Jessie Ware HERE.

War Child BRITs Week continues with performances from Laura Marling and Ed Sheeran. Catch me this Saturday closing BRITs Week 2018 with Kygo performing at Omera in London.

And finally please, please, please text SAFE to 70444 to give just £3 to support War Child’s work, and change a child’s life today!