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Last week I got back from an epic week of partying in Croatia. Some say it’s the new Ibiza and I definitely agree. From someone who used to do seasons in Ibiza I can vouch that Croatia is on it’s way to becoming the new go-to party place in Europe. So what is there to do in Croatia? Festivals! And lots of them. I went to Hideout Festival after hearing about it from friends who had partied and worked there, it’s become the go-to festival in Croatia and it seems that everyone who’s anyone knows about it.




When Hideout Festival kicked off back in 2011 it landed on The Guardians list of best European Festivals and has sold out ever since. It’s smaller than most known UK festivals – so how is it so insanely famous?

Firstly the festival is perfect for clubbers who want a holiday that guarantees sun and that has a solid DJ line-up. Every year Hideout creates bigger and bolder line-ups with acts like Major Laser and Stormzy headlining in 2017.

Secondly the festival isn’t too expensive. The thing that has put me off going back to Ibiza for the past few years is the cost. You can easily spend a £1000 in a week and that’s without your flights or hotels. Croatia is relatively cheap to get to with return flights from London ranging from £150 – £200 if booked in advance. You can pay around £100 for a weeks accommodation and you can pay between £15 – £20 (200 Kunas) for a meal with alcohol. Standard festival tickets for Hideout are £139 and that gets you into 5 venues across 5 days to see more than 150 artists, absolute bargain!

The festival is located in Novalja on the island of Pag and is an ideal size with 5 stages spread across the site. Everything is located close together so you never feel like you have to walk too far. The festival is right on the beach so there are beach and pool parties right next door to each other, all day every day for 5 days!


IMG_1147 (1)

Absolute Team


So which DJs did I see?

The first DJ I watched that always delivers is Jasper James. He played on the Kalypso stage – Elrow and I spent most of the time shazaming his tunes as every tune he played was a banger, always house and disco. Eats Everything played on the Papaya stage (Radio 1) and again I spent most of my time dancing like a lunatic and insta-storying his tunes. The afterparty on the last day on the Kalypso stage – Elrow was off the charts and went on until around 9am. Skream and Artwork DJ’d back to back and played everything from house bangers to Angie Stone, needless to say my head was sore the next day.



 Skream & Artwork


So is it true that everyone’s ripped and look like models? Well……yes! Most people have been smashing the gym since the last Hideout and girls are rocking a thong 24/7 but don’t let that put you off!


Top tips for surviving Hideout

Always carry cash as most bars don’t take card.

Head down to Euphoria stage for cheap drinks, for some reason they are cheaper there….I don’t know why.

Try and stay close to the site otherwise you might find yourself spending loads on taxis.

On the last day (Friday) hang back for the afterparty, this year it was at the Kalypso stage with Elrow and went on until around 9am!

If you get time after the festival then head to Krka National Park which has incredible waterfalls you can swim in. It takes around 1 hr 40 mins to get there but it’s totally worth it.

Get your tickets booked for 2018!



Birthday weekend in Berlin

IMG_9788Berlin is one of my favourite places to visit in the world. It’s forward thinking, laid-back and full of interesting like-minded people. If you’re stuck for ideas for a long weekend away then look no further than Berlin, the perfect place to stay for my birthday.

Where to stay

This time I stepped it up a gear and stayed at the incredible Soho House. It’s a members club which has houses across the globe but even if you’re not a member you can stay there as a hotel guest. The weather forecast was predicting storms, however when we turned up it was 23 degrees so we spent the whole first day chilling around the rooftop pool and drinking bloody mary’s. These are an absolute must if you’re visiting any of the Soho House’s, the recipe is the same at every house and they are Z best!

The hotel entrance is uber cool covered in original art by Damien Hirst and the rooms are beautifully put together with art- deco furnishings. There’s no need to travel with your essentials as they provide everything and if you don’t fancy leaving the room then get room service, it’s the best I’ve ever experienced. If you fancy a lazy Sunday bedside brunch then I would highly recommend the avocados and eggs on toast accompanied by a bloody mary of course. If you want to find your Zen then visit the Cowshed Spa, we rolled out of bed and went down for a full body massage, an absolute must if you’ve been out raving all night.



Where to eat

If you’re a fan of sushi then visit Dudu, it’s just down the street from Soho House. The L shaped restaurant has a planted outdoor eating area and has a laid-back feel, it’s hands down the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. Deep fried sushi is definitely a must, even though it’s not that healthy it tastes incredible. We ordered the spinach, prawn sushi rolls and the chicken. We also visited Cecconi’s Italian restaurant in Soho House which is open to the public, the food was beautiful, breaded olives and baked gnocchi to start then the veal milanese to share for main. It sounds like I really know my food but I don’t, my boyfriend is Italian so he’s got the knowledge and I’ve got the appetite!




Where to party

I have been very lucky to experience some of Berlin’s best clubs over the years, Kater Holzig, Kater Blau, Rummelsburg, Renate and of course the famous Berghain. The club that keeps me coming back is Renate. It’s an old squat that has been turned into a club and the people who run the club also live above it. The rules are you can’t take pictures inside the club so you have to cover your camera lens with a sticker. If you want a picture you have to use the photo booths provided, which of course we did! The music was disco and vibe was amazing and we spent most the night chatting to friendly clubbers and dancing our socks off. Another club we tried to get into was Kater Blau, the queue was around 500 deep and when we got to the door the lady told me I couldn’t get in because she ‘had too many chicks with black dresses on in the club already’. The worst excuse I’ve ever heard a guestlist girl say! I didn’t argue as she was feisty AF, so we ended up going home and probably for the best as I wouldn’t have made my flight home the next morning. Some advice when going clubbing in Berlin, dress as casual as possible, don’t go in your pajamas of course, but think jeans, t-shirt and trainers the more casual the better.



There’s something really special about Berlin, it’s somewhere I will always visit time and time again. If you’ve never been then you’re missing out, go and book a flight now!


Gingerline Presents The Chambers Of Flavour

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 23.47.10

Gingerline – The Chambers of Flavour is London’s best kept secret. If you’re a lover of art, performance, design and food, Chambers of Flavour is right up your street.

With renowned guest chefs and a host of immersive theatrical and artistic experiences in curious locations, Gingerline taps into a world we can only imagine in our qurkiest dreams.

So here’s the deal, you buy a ticket for £65 and then on the day of the event you get a text an hour before to reveal it’s location. It’s location is strictly confidential so I can’t tell you where it is, but what I can tell you is that it’s in London and on The East London Overground (that is, the Ginger Line).

I would recommend to get there early so you can enjoy the Gin cocktails and soak up the atmosphere. After your drinks a ‘doctor’ will greet you and in groups of four leads you into The Chamber of Flavour. Sadly that is all I can tell you as those are the rules, as a member of The Chambers alumni ‘You must keep all you see inside our worlds a secret’. It would be like telling you the ending of a book before you’ve even read the first page. You just have to go and experience it for yourself, it’s too good to spoil.

You can expect creative, almost mind-bending sets, whacky actors and beautiful food. Go open-minded and enjoy being taken back to your childlike imagination.

The next set of Gingerline tickets go on sale January 31st so get them quickly as they will sell out.

If you’re still not convinced then CLICK HERE

Tickets – Gingerline

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