Glastonbury 2016

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How was Glastonbury you ask? Well I lost my phone and friends and sat in someone’s sick, but apart from that it was incredible!


Headlined by Coldplay, Adele and Muse, it was one of the wettest Glasto’s on record. It’s been running since the 1970s and is now the largest greenfield festival in the world. Everyone told me that if there’s one festival you do before you die, it’s Glastonbury. Was it worth all the mud? 100% YES!




I stayed off site at the Pop Up Motel, which was a great option as we had a parking space right next to the main road, bellboys to collect our bags on arrival and a huge canvas bell tent for 4 people. Most people arrive on Wednesday to get a spot to camp but with this kind of camping we could arrive on Thursday without the hassle of putting up a tent. We were provided with hairdryers, straighteners, hot showers and a food and bar area. You didn’t have people constantly walking past your tent, which meant you could actually sleep. If you’re thinking of booking Glastonbury I would recommend this campsite, just be prepared to walk, A LOT!


Thursday night was all about NYD Downlow, which is in the Block9 area. This is a gay club where they give you a moustache on entrance and that’s your queue jump pass for the weekend. We watched Tristan De Cunha play disco music and spent most of the night talking to random people. If there’s one thing this festival can give you, it’s the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.


Friday was sunny so we made the most of it by watching the Foals and Underworld, this was just before I got lost. Bit of advice when going to a festival, remember the name of the campsite you’re staying in! I lost my friends after a quick stop at the long drop (questionable toilets). After not being able to find them I gave in and decided to head back to the campsite. I then spent the next 2 hours asking stewards where the ‘Boutique Camping’ was, to which every one of them replied saying they didn’t know. With no phone battery I continued my search for the campsite that didn’t exist and after 2 hours, a miracle happened and I actually found my tent!





Saturday was fancy dress day, although everyday at Glasto is fancy dress day. Armored with military hats, glitter and lots of patterned leggings we went to see Adele and New Order. Although these iconic acts were incredible, I was all about the after hour parties. The Latino tent, Rum Shack and the Shangri-la areas are all a must see, if you can still see by then that is.


Sunday separates the men from the boys, or women from the girl’s as everyone’s tired, skint and smelly. If you can survive all 5 days at Glasto then you’ve smashed it. We watched Coldplay, had a little cry and then regrouped to spend the last night partying as a crew of girls in NYC Downlow. We watched Chez Damier DJ and enjoyed watching an array of naked male dancers until the sun came up.





Top 5 tips for Glastonbury


*Pay extra for the nice camping & travel on the Thursday

*Take a cheap festival phone with lots of battery

*Wellies are an obvious must

*Have a meeting point for friends

*Don’t forget to eat properly as you have a lot of walking ahead of you