Berlin – A Girls Guide To Berlin





For the past two years I have been saying I would go back to Berlin and finally at the start of this month I did! I admit I didn’t go to Berlin to do cultural things, I went to party. If like me you like food, music and great people then Berlin is the perfect weekend getaway. It’s full of industrial clubs and converted factories turned restaurants. The people are friendly, the vibe is great, I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to go to Berlin.

This time around I went with ten girls, which means only one thing CARNAGE! If you’re in a big group then I would recommend hiring an apartment rather than staying in hostels or hotels. Staying next to a Metro stop is also ideal,  Michel Berger Hotel which is uber hipster is in a great location for bars and is opposite a Metro stop. If that’s not your thing then stay in an apartment like I did, try Top Flat Berlin

There are some amazing restaurants in Berlin, head to Sage to fill your belly before you go raving. Set in a rustic converted mill you’re greeted by a 50s style car raised 15ft above the ground. The vibe is laid back and the music is house and techno, not something I’ve ever experienced in a high-end restaurant but it was perfect.





Like clubbing? Berlin is for YOU!


You’ve read about it in Vice magazine and heard stories through your mates, but what is inside this Berghain? Well I got in once, back in 2012 and seen a few fruity things. Once you get past the bouncers on the door (which is a mission and a half by the way), you enter what I can only describe as heaven and hell, and I don’t mean that shitty old club that was in Leeds. Remember the end scene from Terminator when he’s in the big warehouse and he’s lowered into the big vat of molten steel? Well the Berghain is a little bit like that. It’s industrial and dark but the music is amazing. There’s plenty of dark ‘areas’ you can ‘chill’ in if that’s your ting. Upstairs is Panorama bar which is my personal favourite, the music is incredible! Don’t believe what they say about trying to be uber cool to be in there, my friend spent the whole night carrying a beer bottle crate around and using it as a stage! The best time to party is Sunday morning/ Sunday night and don’t forget to keep your cool at the door!


Kater Blau


Berlin isn’t all about Berghain though, make sure you visit Kater Blau. This is the perfect club for a Sunday afternoon boogie. The vibe is chilled, you can either hang out on the deck and look over the river, or dance to some jacking house and techno in the main room. The thing I like about this club is that it has loads of quirky things like a disco phone booth. It’s exactly what it says on the tin! You pick a song, get in the phone booth, the music starts and then confetti falls, strobe lights start flashing and pictures are taken, it’s random!






If you’ve still got energy then make sure you visit Renate, my favourite club of all time. It used to be an old squat that has been turned into a club. The people who run it also live in the building. It’s like one big house party with a disco ball room, a bunk bed den and two more floors of chaos.




Top Tips For Berlin


  • Stay near a Metro stop or take an Uber

  • In a big group? Hire an apartment, much cheaper and sassier!

  • Berlin can be enjoyed all year round but summer is the best time to party!

  • Worried that you won’t get into the clubs? Try and make friends with some locals, don’t overdress and most of all don’t be a dick!

  • If you don’t get into the Berghain who cares! Check out ChaletKitKatClub Der Visionaere, Rummelsburg check out more clubs here – Berlin Clubs