The Power of the internet ….. and Danny Dyer!

danny dyer

If you’re a fan of The Lad Bible, Danny Dyer or just the internet then you might have seen me on your news feed.



Watching back the funny interview with Danny Dyer, I never imagined it would get much further than a few thousand views on our Capital Breakfast Facebook page. However as soon as The Lad Bible got access to it, the video went viral and my phone went into melt down as it reached a staggering 3.8 million views in 48 hours. If you’ve not seen the video yet, check out the link above you will cringe, laugh and maybe die a little inside when you see what Danny does.

I was asked to go down to the Soap Awards in Manchester with my co-host Graeme Smith from the Capital Breakfast show and do a few interviews on the red carpet. We were only interested in interviewing Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) and Danny Dyer as they were the big soap actors up for awards that night. Adam Woodyatt didn’t seem too interested but Danny was keen (in more ways than one). I managed to grab the last interview with Danny before he rushed off to the actual award ceremony. He’d definitely had a couple of shandy’s so thought i’ll ask him something really simple which relates to the #sozaboutthat feature that’s on our breakfast show. I popped the question ‘have you pissed anyone off recently and you need to say sorry about it’. He went on to chat about pissing his Mrs off and then i got him to say #sozaboutthat, easy peasy i thought, we’ve got it in the bag. What i didn’t expect was him to go in for a cheeky kiss and then say ‘i’ll see you after yeah’??

I was pretty gobsmacked as he’d done it on camera but i laughed it off and took it as a compliment. We knew the video would get a bit of traction but didn’t dream it was stretch to this. Once we uploaded the video the following Thursday The Lad Bible got hold of it and within 10 minutes it had 300K views! The notifications kept rolling in and within 48 hours we hit 3.8 millions views. It’s a strange feeling when something like this happens to you as you forget how many people have actually seen your little video that you made with your mates. Everyone from my Dad to the big boss down in London had seen the video and luckily nearly everyone thought it was funny. Although some girls didn’t seem too impressed and started trolling me on Twitter, but i thought ah well, its content for my radio show and the following week i read out the mean tweets like on Jimmy Kimmel’s chat show!

You forget the power of the internet and social media. Sharing, liking, retweeting dominates the news feeds of our daily lives. 4 or 5 years ago this video might have gone unnoticed but in 2015 it’s all about the 6 second Vine, viral videos and viral stars like Ben Phillips and Arron Crascall. These boys are making a living out of social media and hats off to them as its probably just as a surprise to them as it is to us. Let’s not forget the infamous Dapper Laughs who has proven that social media can also tarnish your career, but in general the internet can be a great thing. We invited Ben Philips down to a festival in North Wales to hangout backstage and make a few videos with the Capital Breakfast show team and the boy band The Vamps. Within a few hours he had 250K views on his Facebook fan page and thousands of retweets. He even admitted that he worked in a shoe shop this time last year, so it just shows how powerful the internet and social media can be.

A good viral video is everlasting. If the video is simple and funny today, odds are good it will still be clever and funny in 5 or even 25 years from now. Furthermore, the potential audience is huge, and viewers can be watching it half way across the world whilst you’re asleep. It’s safe to say the viral video has taken over social media and i’m really happy that i’ve been part of it. To follow more posts like this then follow me on Twitter.